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Buttons suppliers & resources

UIG538681 Button Maker: Stamping out metal buttons. Blank held in place and weight holding die for pattern being work was raised by rope and pulley wheel and dropped on blank. Dies for different sizes and patterns on floor. Buttons would need finishing by removal of burrs and imperfections. Hand-coloured woodcut from The Book of English Trades London 1823.; Universal History Archive/UIG; out of copyright

UIG538681 Button Maker: Stamping out metal buttons. Blank held in place and weight holding die for pattern being work was raised by rope and pulley wheel and dropped on blank. Dies for different sizes and patterns on floor. Buttons would need finishing by removal of burrs and imperfections. Hand-coloured woodcut from The Book of English Trades London 1823.; Universal History Archive/UIG; out of copyright

Don’t hit the panic button! Here I have for you a festival of button links for you to rummage through.

First things first – traditionally buttons are measured by a unit measure called Linge. You will also have them seized and sold in mm and inches. Having a button size chart will help when it comes to placing orders and designing. M&J Trim have a PDF size chart true to size with all 3 (Ligne, mm, inches) measurements to download.

Back up – Ligne, where does that come from and mean?  It comes from both German and French origins and means line. A unit of measurement applied to the diameter of of the button. Made a universal standard measurement in Europe in the 18th century by German button makers. Used by French and Swiss wristwatch makers to measure the size of a watch movement it is a precise and strict unit. A ligne equals exactly 1/40th of an inch of the diameter of a button or a snap.

12 Ligne-6 mm
13 Ligne-7 mm
14 Ligne-8 mm
15 Ligne-9 mm
16 Ligne-9.5 mm
17 Ligne-10.5 mm
18 Ligne-11 mm
19 Ligne-12.5 mm
20 Ligne-13 mm
21 Ligne-13.5 mm
24 Ligne-16 mm
28 Ligne-18 mm
30 Ligne-19 mm
32 Ligne-20 mm
34 Ligne-21 mm
36 Ligne-22 mm
40 Ligne-25.5 mm
44 Ligne-28 mm
45 Ligne-29 mm
48 Ligne-30.5 mm
50 Ligne-32 mm
60 Ligne-38 mm
64 Ligne-40.5 mm
65 Ligne-41 mm


M&J Trim not just for buttons buckles too! – and trim – Shop online or visit the store in NYC. There website is full of information check out the ‘How to buy buttons‘ page.

M&J Trimming
1008 Sixth Avenue
(Between 37th & 38th St)
New York, NY 10018      1-800-9-MJTRIM


Yes the website and stock is as cute as the name as the business. Also the service is hard to beat. Making this one of my top resources.

‘As Cute As A Button was opened in 1993 in San Diego, California because we needed a good selection of quality buttons. I was a clothing designer and could not find great buttons for the beautiful fabrics I was working with. Over the past 20 years our selection of buttons has grown to over 8000 styles. Most of our buttons come from Italy, Germany, England, The Czech Repub
lic, South America and the USA. Some of the online competitors say they can undersell us but they are selling inferior buttons from China. Many of the Glass, Natural and Hand Crafted buttons I purchase from individual designers or small companies….’ 

Contact Kym Milburn, Founder and Owner. 1286 University Ave. #857,San Diego, CA, 92103
(By Appointment Only)  619-223-2555   kym@ascuteasabutton.com


Totally Buttons  stock over 3000 different styles, colours and sizes, adding new materials including: Swarovski Crystal, Italian Glass, Metal, Fabric & Beaded, Jeans, Sewing, Glitter & Diamante, Multicoloured, Suit & Shirt and Coat Buttons.’ 

Take a look at the coat buttons category for anyone making military uniforms.

PO Box 976
RH12 9QF    01403 598014



‘Harlequin is a specialist manufacturer making bespoke accessories and garments for couturiers and dressmakers. We are famous for our fabric belts, covered buttons and ties, which bring the world’s top designers to us looking for our superb quality, exceptionally fast turnaround and our passion for what we do’.

Harlequin, Shop Road, Little Bromley, Manningtree, Essex CO11 2PZ, UK.       +44 (0)1206 396167

‘D.M.Buttonholes has been established in the heart of London’s Soho for nearly 100 years. We provide a comprehensive buttonholing service and we manufacture and supply quality covered button in various styles and sizes. You provide the fabric and we make the buttons.’

A gift from the Costume God’s are D. M Buttons.

11b Wardour Mews
D’arblay Street
London W1F 8AN

Tel/Fax: 020 7437-8897  Email: dmbuttons@aol.com  OPENING TIMES MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7.30AM TO 3.00PM


A feast of buttons and notions  are available at Minerva Crafts. Did I menshion their wonderful prices.

Our buttons range is absolutely huge which includes every kind of button you can image. They vary greatly in size, shape, colour, weight and price, we’re sure we’ll have the right kind to suit your every need.’

Minerva Craft Centre,
Minerva Fabrics Ltd.
Atlas Road,
BB3 3BY         +44 (0)1254 708068


Part of the JHB mega button compay Button Lovers.com is the online store for Blumenthal Lansing Company. Here you will find all the same brands that JoAnnas and Hobby Lobby sells maybe cheep and in the amounts you need!

‘Welcome to Button Lovers! For over 130 years, our company Blumenthal Lansing has been the destination for wholesale buttons and retail buttons, sewing buttons, novelty buttons and craft buttons. Now, online buyers finally
have access to the world’s best buttons!’

1929 Main Street
Lansing, IA 52151
Phone: 563-538-4211 / 800-553-4158


Vintage covered buttons resource Bee Lignes has a hoard to chose from.

Bee Lignes, Inc.
121A 107th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 206-420-1307    Sales@BeeLignes.com       www.facebook.com/beelignes


Lace Heaven located in Mobile Alabama has a is a little shop with a big supply. Wholesale to the us common people. Also use for trims and embellishments.

‘Lace Heaven is your only stop when looking for wholesale sewing buttons online. You will easily find a wide selection of clothing and crafting buttons, with great bargains and deals.’

Lace Heaven Inc.
2524 Dauphin Island Parkway
Mobile, AL. 36605



Buttons: The Collector’s Guide to Selecting, Restoring and Enjoying New and Vintage Buttons

by Nancy Fink (Hardcover)

Buttons: a Collectors Guide

by Houart (Hardcover)

50 Heirloom Buttons to Make

by Nancy Nehring, Marcus Tullis (Kindle Edition)

Buttons and Trimmings: From Snowshill (Fashion & Sty​le)

by Althea MacKenzie (Hardcover)

The Button Industry in the United States

by Edward Louis Newberger (Paperback)

Old Buttons

by Sylvia Llewelyn (Paperback)

Buttons (Shire Album)

by Alan Meredith, Gillian Meredith (Paperback)


by PEGGY ANN OSBORNE (Paperback) .

Buttons : A Passementerie Workshop Manual

by Gina Barrett (Paperback)

Dorset Buttons, Handstitched in Dorset for Over 300 Years

by Thelma Johns (Paperback) .

Local Militia Buttons

by Howard Ripley, Bob Moodie (Hardcover)

Buttons of the Regular Army 1855-2000

by Howard Ripley, Denis Darmanin (Paperback)

Beautiful Buttons

by Beate Schmitz (Paperback) .

Buttons and Fasteners 500BC – AD1840

by Gordon Bailey, Greg Payne (Paperback)



Vintage Lingerie & Petticoats


Adding to the corset post, here I have put together resources and links to vintage lingerie and petticoats.

Below is a link to my Pinterest board full of images, book and tutorial links.


What Katie Did – faux vintage lingerie and hosiery. Online shopping at its best – and they have walk-in store’s – What Katie Did is a one stop shop for quality ready – made vintage lingerie or hosiery, they even have swimwear. If you need seamed stockings this is the place to buy them. Once on the website you chose which county you are shopping from ( left hand side drop box ) worldwide shipping. See my post and recommendation on how to shop worldwide.  London Boutique: What Katie Did, 26 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TZ Tel: 0845 430 8943

Los Angeles Store: What Katie Did, 7970 1/2 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, California, 90046 USA Tel: 1 877 221 2472


Milanoo.com an on-line shopping store not just for petticoats! It’s headquarters are in China and supplies many other online retail stores. Make sure when placing your order it is not when a holidays is on. This will add to your shipping time.



‘Doris designs and sells boutique high quality petticoat skirts made of over 36 meters (adult version) of double layered soft light chiffon giving them great bounce and body. They are simply timeless and will turn heads wherever you go. From newborns to adults, there is a wide range of colours to suit any occasion.’  call 0843 289 6622 for an appointment to their Surrey store customerservice@dorisdesigns.co.uk



Brabarella Intermate Apparel & Hosiery. Long line bras, open bottom girdles to wide striped tights and everything in-between. Brabarella offers vintage shapewear and lingerie at reasonable prices. Contact them through email is best.orders@brabarella.com, 508-775-2226 Brabarella Lingerie. P.O. Box 635 Hyannis Port, MA 02647


ReSashay specializes in custom and readymade petticoats for all occasions, square dance apparel, western wear and accessories‘. Just one of the wonderful serveries offered is a chance to buy Pre-loved petticoats, as well as brand new. There ‘Create your very own’ petticoat is a joy for any designer who is in need of an unusual colour and fabric match. With Square Dance and Western wear y’hall have all bases covered here. Email: info@resashay.com Phone: 301 761-1011 or 800 900-DANCE. ReSashay, 14833 Native Dancer Rd 1 Potomac, MD 20878, USA



‘VintageDancer.com links to the best vintage inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories for sale online. We make finding clothes by decade, style and gender easy’. Blog website full of resource links to ready-made fashion and retro costumes.


Producer and Director of Petticoat Pond website is Tes Staylace. Along with her they make an invaluable and fun website with resourceful links.



Susan Jarrett, M.ED writes on the history of fashion and dress. Giving details into the crinoline and bustle



Simplicity 9764 Sewing Pattern Fashion Historian Martha McCain. Can be found in any good fabric shop or eBay search.

Bustle Undergarment Structure: different ways of attaching and making the bustle underneath the full skirts.